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The UK's No. 1 vitamin company. Premium vitamins & supplements for every stage of life. Vitabiotics were looking for new ideas to revamp their visual marketing.




Design a brand landing page, display banners, Facebook ads, and an email to promote our new Wellman and Wellwoman Gummies. ​

  • Competitor + market & design research

  • Lead on the visual mock-up concept

  • Concept targeting women & men together.

  • Playfulness in copy and visual

  • Brand identity 

  • Design + build-up

  • Lead on ensuring the visual aesthetic and tone-of-voice are consistent and designed to the highest standards.

©2020. Photography credit to macreativeagency 

(blue background image)

Visual design


Copy & design

Objective: Please design a brand landing page, display banners, Facebook ads and an email to promote our new Wellman and Wellwoman Gummies. Whilst attention to detail is important here, we are really looking for a clear demonstration of creativity - don't get too closely tied into the way these currently look, we are looking to see your creative vision.

1. I decided to take Gummies as a title as per the brief, they want to promote gummies so let's go for Gummies and not beat around the bush.

2. For you and for me: for him and her, implies that s/he is thinking of him/her while purchasing the vitamins and suggesting to do so.

3. Life is a jungle: I was trying to find something that fits the visual but also something that implies that we have a hectic life that is not always easy and that we should pause, take the time to appreciate it, have fun, and take care of ourselves hence the game played between both sides.

4. What makes it great: Give a reason of why you should get this product. Women and man image, reinforces the top banner experience for him and her.

5. The vitamin diagram shows why it would benefit her and why it would benefit him. I added half or her vitamin container to his making it one, could suggest again for whoever is buying to get 2, one for their partner.

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